Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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This option provides for therapy only. Our therapy program generally lasts 26 weeks but may be adjusted to meet your individual and unique situation.

Cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) is the most common form of psychotherapy used to treat hoarding disorder. The guides and workbooks used by our therapist provide them with the tools and information needed to help our clients overcome their compulsive behaviors. The purpose of our therapy program is to teach our clients how to recognize patterns of behavior that may cause compulsive hoarding. Through proper training and education, errors in thinking can be recognized and managed, thus reducing incidents that lead to hoarding behavior. Exercises performed at home by the client with little to no supervision may also be a part of the overall CBT program. Home visits by our therapist and consultation with additional CBT professionals may also be needed.

As part of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), you may:

- Explore why you feel compelled to hoard
- Learn to organize and categorize possessions to help you decide which ones to discard
- Improve your decision-making and coping skills
- Declutter, clean and organize your home during in-home visits by a professional organizer
- Learn and practice relaxation skills
- Attend family or group therapy
- Have periodic visits or ongoing treatment to help you keep up healthy habits

At any time during or after therapy you may request assistance with home decluttering and cleaning. Your therapist will have this information available to for you; however, there will be no pressure to hire an outside company to assist.

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