Referral Program

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Thank you for your interest in Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. and our programs HoardFree™ and JunkFree™.

In hopes of spreading information about our services to the widest possible audience, Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. now offers a referral program.  This program is not unlike the referral programs offered by Amazon, Dropbox, Uber, Wayfair and others.  We believe in our ability to offer you, your friends and acquaintances the best possible service available in today’s market and we want you to help us to spread the word. In turn, for being part of our salesforce, you’ll be paid for your time and effort.

Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. has created an easy to use referral system.  Here’s how to get started:

  • If you’ve received a package from us in the mail, you already have your unique code. Just fill out the form below so we know you received your code and we know who to send the referral check to.
  • If you have not yet received a unique code, simply complete the form below and we’ll send you one.

Next, provide your unique code to anyone who may be interested in our hoarding, junk removal or biohazard remediation services.  Each time we receive your code from a client, we’ll pay you a $200 referral fee upon completion of the job and full payment by the client or insurance company.  How simple is that!

But there’s more!  To encourage your friends, family members and acquaintances to use your unique code, anyone who provides us with your code will receive $200 off any service we offer (on jobs that meet or exceed a total value of $5,500).

  • Clients – No need to work with a “referrer” to receive $200 off our services.  Simply refer to coupon code HOARD0716 to receive our discount.  However, if  you have been given a unique code by a friend, family member, co-worker or business, please provide us with that code so we can give them a $200 referral fee.  This referral fee will not be charged to you! All referral fees are paid by Bio-Trauma 911 and will not alter or change either an estimate or final bill.  This $200 coupon only applies to biohazard remediation, hoarding cleanup, decluttering and organization/storage jobs that exceed a total invoiced amount of $5,500 (you may still qualify for a savings of $50 to $125 on smaller accounts with coupon code HOARD0716).
  • Referrers – Simply complete the form below and you’re ready to go.  It’s that easy.  Anytime you come across someone in need of biohazard remediation services, hoarding cleanup or junk removal, provide them with the code we sent you in the mail. If one has not yet been received, we’ll send you one upon completion of the form below.  If we provide services to the friend, family member or client you refer, you’ll receive a check in the amount of $200, which will be paid within 7 days upon receipt of full payment from the client.  This referral fee only applies to biohazard remediation, hoarding cleanup, decluttering and organization/storage jobs that exceed a total invoiced amount of $5,500 (you will still receive a $50 to $125 referral fee for smaller accounts/jobs).

Should you have any questions regarding our coupon or referral fee program, please contact us at 1-800-759-6960 or click Contact Us to reach us by email.

** This referral program is not available to employees of Bio-Trauma 911, Inc. **

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